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Restoration damage | Restoration water damage
Fire restoration

# 1 water restoration damage company restoring services nationwide providing restoration water damage removal serving Commercial & Residential customers including custom fire restoration.

Restoration damage

Restoration VIP offers 24/7 365 Days a year restoration water damage emergency clean up services, our team uses state-of-the-art extraction equipment ready to respond to any size restoration damage, fire & water damage restoration, water extraction or smoke damage restoration we will be at your home, office or store with in 45 minuets. We understand that your home is the most important investment in your life, if your house is flooded or water damage accrued in your home let our damage restoration specialist & trusted staff restore your property to the original condition. We will prepare free professional damage assessment and restoration cost detailing the scope of work and how long it will take to be refinished. We guarantee expert restoration services at up to 50% less than other fire & water damage companies. Restoration VIP provides a variety of professional property damage restoration services to retail, commercial and residential customers nationwide. We have over 15 years of experience in the custom restoration remediation industry.

Restoration water damage

Restoration water damage needs are the result of various causes from a flooding basement after a storm to a leaky bathroom sink. Immediate response within 48 hours is necessary in order to prevent  potential damages such as mold growth. It is IMPERATIVE to begin structural drying as soon as water damage is discove#0396A4 to #0396A4uce possible reconstruction costs.

Fire restoration

Second leading causes of accidental deaths around the home is fire damage in home deaths. Unique fire damage restoration and smoke damage restoration may not be simple. It is very important to have an experienced fire damage restoration company on your side. A fast damage assessment and restoration will help minimize health hazards and smoke residue.

Fire damage restoration

Several houses have been destroyed by fire damage and can be emotionally devastating cleaning experience. Fire damage restoration costs add up a lifetime removal of memories and possessions that can vanish in an instant, this goes without mentioning the spiritual comfort necessary for an comfortable life, housing, clothing and food.

Water fire damage restoration

Locating a water fire damage restoration company may be a discouraging chore. Fire damage restoration circumstances make it necessary to find a fire restoration company that makes something comprehensible by describing unexpected emotional difficulties. Dealing with pressure to make a choice on a water fire damage restoration contractor quickly, yet choosing the wrong fire damage restoration contractor may seriously have negative personal property effects. There are many people thinking that it is challenging mitigating water fire damage. Fire & water damage can and do happen without any type of warnings. Before this can quickly spread through out your home risking the lives of all members of your family while destroying important and priceless family heirlooms a damage assessment and restoration must be done immediately.

Fire and water damage restoration

GOD forbid you have a fire and water damaged home, finding a fire restoration company is one thing but locating a fire and water damage restoration company can be stressful and confusing. The last cleaning issue a homeowner wants to have dealings with after acquiring their home is the removal of damage belongings destroyed, yet it is a crucial first step in getting your life back to normal. Here are a few precautions and factors to keep in mind when  moving in to a new house or apartment.

  1. Secure your safety first: when you take action to protect your home and personal property, understand the safety rules to protect yourself and infection or avoid injury.

  2. Secure your family first, personal belongings and property damage from any damage assessment and restoration cost by checking your home with any potential hazards.

  3. Call or email one of our fire and water damage restoration specialist to schedule a damage assessment with a Restoration VIP Associate.

Another common problem that frequently follows any type of flooding is Sewer Backups. Beware—not only are sewer backups an inc#0396A4ible nuisance, they can be extremely dangerous whether in a finished or unfinished basement. Per OSHA standards, Our employees are protected against the threat of infectious diseases through vaccinations and the use of personal protective equipment.


We cater to water damage repair people nationwide. We are trusted by all insurance companies and comply with all EPA and EAA standards. Our technicians are certified and fully trained. We are available at all times.

Please see the complete list of our services.

- Water Damage Restoration
- Flood Damage Cleanup
- Water Extraction
- Water Removal
- Water Damage Repair
- Thermal Imaging Inspections

- Fire Damage Restoration
- Smoke Damage Cleanup
- Water Damage
- Odor Removal
- Carpet & Floor Drying
- Structure Restoration
- Basement Flood Damage
- Sewage/Sewer Extraction
Direct billing to Insurance
- Wall & Debris Removal
- Soot Removal
Sanitization Disinfection

Our dispatchers and water damage restoration specialists are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they are always ready to respond within 45 minutes. Our highly trained technicians are ready and able to restore business or home structures back to their pre-loss condition. We demand 100% customer satisfaction on each and every job.