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 What Is Mold?

Molds are microscopic organisms found virtually everywhere, indoors and outdoors.

Mold spores are very tiny, light-weight, and easily-detached by airflow, vacuuming, walking on carpet, or sitting on a couch. In indoor environments they grow in air conditioning ducts, carpets, pots of house plants, etc. They produce and release millions of spores, which are small enough to stay airborne, threatening to invade the human respiratory system.

In large quantities, molds can cause allergic symptoms similar to those caused by plant pollen. Mold growths can often be seen in the form of discoloration, ranging from white to orange and from green to brown or black.

In order for mold to grow, it needs food sources (such as leaves, wood, paper, or dirt), a source of moisture, and a place to grow.
mold remediationWhat Is Toxic Mold?

While mold exists everywhere, it sometimes takes on a dangerous form.
The scientific name for the greenish-black mold that turns up on carpet, wallpaper, ceiling tiles - even wet leaves - is Stachybotrys Chartarum (see inset). It produces a mycotoxin that causes mycotoxicosis, and is thought to be the cause of "sick building syndrome."
mold remediationWhere Can Mold Turn Up?

Just about anywhere. In addition to areas indicated around your home, it may also grow in or on your boat, RV, hotel room, or second home, especially if it is closed up for extended periods of time.

Mold spores or seeds and the mycotoxins from mold become airborne with almost any activity. Vacuuming, walking, sitting on your couch, or just having the heating unit or air conditioner on can cause the airborn mold or mycotoxins to spread throughout your breathing space.
If you think you might have molds in your home, inhaling or touching toxic mold may cause health problems. We are trained professionals, equipped to remove molds from your home for a safer and healthier existence.